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11/16/2004 $19.93 NLP Project 2 pies + coke Dave Levin, Adam Perez, Georg Apitz, George Caragea
11/16/2004 $31.55 SigMod Deadline 3 pies Austin Parker, Nazif Cihan Tas, Edward Hung, Yu Deng
12/02/2004$18.93Class Exam2 piesJi Sun Shin ,Youngmin Kim, Jaeyong Lee, Bongwon Suh, Ilchul Yoon
12/04/2004$23.79CMSC631 Exam2 pies+6 pack soda Cristian Lumezanu, Jaymie Strecker, Asad Sayezd, Octavian Udrea
12/06/2004$23.60CMSC 723 Course Project / CMSC 631 Course Project3 pies+6 pack sodaChris Halaschek, Aditya Kalyanpur, Vladimir Kolovski, Evren Sirin, etc..
12/07/2004$36.00NSF Proposal2 pies + coke + breadsticks Frantisek Brabec, Jagan Sankaranarayanan, Houman Alborzi
12/08/2004$30.38Mindlab Project4 pies + coke George Ionkov, Tamer Nadeem, Rashi Narian, Bao Trinh, Jihwang Yeo, Moustafa Youssef
12/08/2004$40.83CMSC 818 Project, CMSC 838 Exam, CMSC 858 Project 4 pies + coke Samuel Gordon, Arkady Yerukhimovich, Ananta Tiwari, Taiga Nakamura, Chris Halaschek, Vladimir Kolovski, Serge Koren, Konstatin Berlin, Mike Kobyakov etc . ...
12/10/04 $19 CMSC735 Final 1 pie + 4 sodas Jaymie Strecker, Anuja Sonalker, Taiga Nakamura, Jagan Sankaranarayanan, Sreyas Srinivasan
12/14/04 $30 CMSC723 Final 2 pies + 4 sodas Skylar Byrd, Sandro Fouche, Stacey President, Cyntrica Eaton
12/14/04 $23 CMSC828F Final/WCNC Deadline 2 pies + coke Tamer Elsayed, Mohamed Husien, Adel Youssef, Tamer Nadeem
12/14/04 $45 CMSC131 Final Grading 4 pies + coke Dave Mount, Nelson Padua-Perez, John Arras, Ping Chen, Min-Kyoung Cho Ryan Farrell, Dov Gordon, Gleneesha Johnson, Tatiana Racheva
12/15/04$30 CMSC631 Final3 Pies +6-pack soda Nick Chen, Naiwen Lin, Chris Halaschek, Vladimir Kolovski, Aditya Kalyanpur
02/01/05$32 IJCAI deadline2 Pies + soda Aditya Kalyanpur, Evren Sirin, Bijan Parsia, Bernardo Grau, Fusun Yaman
02/12/05$37 ICCV and IJCAI3 Pies + soda Vinay D. Shet, Sernam Lim, Shiv Naga Prasad, Son Tran Dinh, Chang Jiang Yang
03/01/05 $26.00 Mobicom Deadline 2 Pies + soda Adel Youssef, Moustafa Youssef, Tamer El Sayed, Tamer Nadeem
03/12/05 $35.00 CMSC 828R 2 Pies + soda Asad Sayeed, Georg Apitz, Mujtaba Ali
03/15/05 $65.00 CMSC 828R 4 Pies + soda Asad Sayeed, Georg Apitz, Mujtaba Ali, Skylar Byrd, J. Scott Olsson
03/15/05$32 CMSC711 Project3 Pies + 1 litre soda Vladimir Kolovski, Dov Gordon, Ananta Tiwari, Arkady Yerukhimovich
05/06/05$30.00Finals and CCS Deadline2 Pies Vijay Gopalakrishnan, Rob Sherwood, Christian Lumezanu, Dave Levin
07/13/05$22Paper for Vision Conference2 Pies Kyongil Yoon, Kyungnam Kim, Bohyung Han, Minkyoung Cho
09/14/05$45CMSC828W Project4 Pies Christian Halaschek-Wiener, Aditya Kalyanpur, Vladimir Kolovski, Evren Sirin, Ananta Tiwari, Naiwen Lin, Ron Alford, Amy Alford
10/08/05$50MINDLAB research project4 pies Bin Zhao, Debbie Heisler, Jen Golbeck, Andrew Schain, Mike Grove, Bijan Parsia, Vladimir Kolovski
10/24/05$50CMSC417+Swoop Project4 PiesDavid Taowei, Ananta Tiwari,Ron Alford, Jordan Kat, Chris Testa, Bernardo Cuenca, Aditya Kalyanpur
12/13/2005$40 741 Final and Biosequence Project ??Georg Apitz, Lucas Vaczlavik, Nicholas Sze, Kenneth Weiss and George Caragea

(Note that an entry of ??? implies the data has not yet been entered)


  1. Why is Google Giving Us Free Pizza?

    Because they want you to think about going to work for them when you graduate.

  2. What do I have to do to get free Pizza?

    1. Be a graduate student in University of Maryland's Computer Science program
    2. Get a group (4+) of people together who are all working late
    3. Get approval by mailing the above email address with:
      1. The list of people who will be eatting the pizza
      2. What the group is studying for/working on (e.g., CMSCXXX final, or XYZ conference deadline)
      3. How much you expect to spend
      4. Wait for approval (shouldn't be a problem)
      5. Acquire Google branded plates/napkins
      6. When you order get a receipt. The sticker off of the pizza boxes are sufficient
      7. If you have a digital camera handy, try to take a couple of snapshots for the webpage

  3. How late is late?

    Short answer: later than you normally work. Long answer: this is supposed to be for special occasions, not to regularly suppliment your diet.

  4. How do I get reimbursed?

    We can give you the money ahead of time, or reimburse you (with cash) after the fact.


02/12/2005 Vision group pizza party!


Pizza Party 12/6/04
Pizza Party 12/14/04

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